Trans-spin nanoarchitectures: from birth to functionalities in magnetic field (TSuNAMI)

ERC Starting grant

2017 – 2022


The goal is to learn how different spin units – quantum or classical spins, and their analogues in reciprocal space, the pseudospins – coexist and communicate in magnetic matter. The project introduces a new concept of trans-spin hybrids via coupling of divergent spin entities in single units and their assemblies. The aim of the ‘spin crossbreeding’ is to get control over the spin states of one spin component via manipulation with the other spin component within a single trans-spin nanoarchitecture – a TSuNAMI. The TSuNAMIes aim to exploitation in novel concepts of synthesis and nanofabrication by using magneto-assembly in 2D and 3D, magnetic click chemistry and chemistry driven by phonon-magnon mixing.

Atomically thin membranes with smart pores engineered in two-dimensional crystals

Czech Science Foundation

2018 – 2020


The goal is to create membranes from single- and double-layer graphene with smart pores, which introduce externally driven functionalities. The obtained membranes aim to various environmental and biomedical applications (desalination, sequencing, magneto-phoresis, cryogenic technologies etc.).

Carbon allotropes with rationalized nanointerfaces and nanolinks for environmental and biomedical applications (CARAT)

Operational Programme Research, Long-term Intersectoral Cooperation and Long-term Intersectoral Cooperation for ITI

2018 – 2022


The project introduces a completely new strategy of the material design, with the ultimate aim of rationalizing communication channels (interfaces and nanolinks) to the environment in accordance with the nature of the chemical bond of the respective carbon allotrope. At the same time the project targets the establishment of an expert team with a deep engagement in all relevant sectors of the academic and application interest.

Past projects

International projects

  • 7RP-NMP 262943 (2011 – 2015) – Multifunctional Nanotechnology for Selective Detection and Treatment of Cancer (MULTIFUN)

National projects

Czech Science Foundation:

  • 15-01953S (2015 – 2017) – Nanocomposite systems of plasmonic/magnetic nanoparticles-graphene-aromatic molecules for enhanced Raman scattering processes
  • P108/10/1250 (2010 – 2014) – Multifunctional nanoparticles: advanced preparation methods and investigation of their physical properties
  • P204/10/1677 (2010 – 2014) – Magnetism of carbon nanostructures in the pure and doped state
  •  202/08/P006 (2008 –  2010) – Nanodimensional order in transition metals and their compounds

Ministry of education, youth and sports:

  • 7E12057 (2012 – 2015) – MULTIFUN – Multifunctional Nanotechnology for Selective Detection and Treatment of Cancer (co-financing of the 7FP project)
  • 310/2011; A, a (2011) – Advancement of interdisciplinary education in physics and chemistry of nanomaterials

Grant Agency of Charles University:

  • 207/2006/B-FYZ/MFF (2006 – 2008) – Comparative study of transition metals and their nanoequivalents
  • 146510 (2010 – 2012) – Potential oxide – diluted magnetic semiconductor nanostructures
  • 1302313 (2013 – 2014) – Study of graphene-nanoparticle based systems