The group originally started as a small ladies’ team with the aim to bring some fresh ideas and competitive research problems to the home department. After almost 10 years of chequered history, the group was rewarded by the ERC Starting grant and opportunity to carry out frontiers research without interference.

In 2000 Jana Vejpravova, the current group leader joined the department of condensed matter physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. During her diploma and Ph.D. work, she focused mainly on research of f-electron systems, which was the fruitful mainstream in the department.

The history of the independent group started in 2006, when two students (Barbara Bittova and Simona Kubickova) joined her and the young group started a new research line related to magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical applications in close collaboration with Daniel Niznansky (Faculty of Science, Charles University, Prague) and Puerto Morales (Institute of Materials Science, Madrid); in the period 2007 – 2015 the research was supported by several projects including large consortium 7FP grant.

In 2008, Alice Mantlikova joined the group and completed the Nanocats team.

In 2008, the group has also initiated a collaboration with Martin Kalbac (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences, Nanocarbon group) in detection of magnetic impurities in carbon nanotubes by magnetometry and synchrotron methods. The activities progressively expanded into other carbon materials; the research has been supported by several projects including the recently awarded ERC Starting grant.

In 2011 the Nanocats moved to the department of functional materials, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences keeping the ongoing collaborations and research focus; several diploma and Ph.D. students joined the group temporarily.

In 2013 J.V. was appointed as a head of department of magnetic nanosystems, which enabled her advancements of the low temperature/high magnetic field techniques by Raman spectroscopy.

At the same time, Tim Verhagen and Romana Pohorala joined the department of magnetic nanosystems and the group.

As a consequence of reorganizations in the Institute of Physics in 2016, the group has moved back to the department of condensed matter physics at the Charles University in January 2017, adopted the name TSuNAMI according to the acronym of the ERC Starting grant and officially joined the informal assembly – the Nanocarbon group. The Nanocats left for postdoc or maternity leave and several newcomers joined the group in the years 2017 – 2018; the one year sieve of true passion for science, excellent background and fair personality defined the current TSuNAMI team.

In early spring 2018, our new lab with focus on our ‘signature methods’ has been completed.